Manuel Groß

Hi, I’m Manuel.

I’m an embedded systems developer and integrator living in northern Germany. This means I either do programming on bare-metal or I am putting together Linux systems of some kind.
If you would like to contact me, send me an email at

I do not have profiles on platforms like or Xing to avoid intrusive headhunters and marketing emails. Please do not contact me to promote a service or product.

Work experience

I’m currently working at a local software and electronics company where I started out as a Linux system integrator and “problem solver” for smart home devices in 2015. I also gained a fair bit of experience with challenging feasability studies. In 2019 I switched focus and am now doing bare-metal programming.

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After dropping out from my computer science studies I completed trainig to “Qualified IT Specialist for Application Development” after the German apprenticeship model.

Complementing this education I absolved multiple trainings and I frequently visit gatherings like the FOSDEM or the ELCE. If I can’t make it, I keep updated by catching up with the talk recordings.


Sharing experiences and learning together are important to me, be it to solve problems or to create beautiful or silly things. That’s why during my time in Oldenburg’s hackspace I organised two small hackathons trying to restart that practice.
I am also a member of the Chaos Computer Club e.V. and and have been visiting Chaos events since 2015, eventually becoming a regular volunteer (“angel”).